It’s me 

Manju (aka Manjunath)


Thank you, for dropping by my blog.

Most of my website visitors share their plans to earn from the Internet and are generally confused on how to get started or grow their opportunities.

A couple of years ago, I too shared the same hope. For over 15 years, I worked for large software firms and then decided to move on and make a living by earning on the Internet.

There is so much content on the Internet and it does not help the beginners to get started let alone find them success.

To find success on the Internet, you need these three basic requirements

  1. Build on your skills
  2. Amplify your profile
  3. Dedicated effort

This is all it takes and not any computer (or any such professional) degree from a university.

Connect with me if you share the same goals.


One Stack UP


If you have not yet realized, for the past 150 years our ancestors had a career working for industries.  Their skills were more or less the same and hence their potential to earn income was very limited.

They had to give up their dreams, passion and of course, their time and had to toil hard for factory owners.

Let us not discount what they gained – a certain monthly salary and a lifetime guaranteed job.

Fast forward now. The world has moved beyond those labor-intensive industries. The Internet and globalization have changed our jobs for both good and bad.

There is no more job assurance but on the brighter side, there are plenty of opportunities out there, literally a gold mine for those who can walk that extra mile.

You can continue with your day-job and yet earn extra for your niche skills at the comfort of your home and whenever you want to.

This is what the new age economy is and believe me, our education or society are yet to recognize these advantages.

If you are ready to explore this new exciting world, this website will help you to raise one notch higher each time.

You need to hustle, market your profile (skills) and stay focused.


If you are new to the Internet economy or need any help to you decide, I suggest you start with the Getting Started articles and subscribe to my newsletters.