Manjunath (Manju)

I am Manjunath and most of my friends, colleagues know me as Manju. I live in Bangalore (India) – much away from the dust & din in the downtown and cozy IT corporate parks. Computers have been my passion and have been always interested in using technology to help solve our problems.

For over 15 years, I worked as a software developer for different corporates – securing computer networks and building products for the Internet. But I really missed was the experience of how the technology can change the lives of common people. I jumped on to entrepreneurship bandwagon, started this website to share information that can life-changing to most of you. Blogging has allowed me to be an entrepreneur, experiment with my ideas and earn what I deserve. I believe, irrespective of your past, blogging as a business will positively impact your future.




The story of OneStackUP.com

Most of us work in industries that are less related to the Internet. Though we use the Internet for communication with family and friends or to learn about new ideas, what we miss is the opportunity to earn from the Internet.

This is the story of this blog – 

“Unlock the potential of the Internet to earn money”


This is not one of the dark secrets of Internet but certainly (and unfortunately) has not been obvious to most of us. A group of individuals and corporations have been successful in making obscene amounts of money over the past decade at the cost of individual users. Though we get to use the Internet for Search, Chat, Shop, Communicate, … in fact, we serve as fodder for their businesses and they make their money at our cost.

Imagine the Internet as a huge business marketplace – a place that never sleeps, constantly buzzing 24×7 with activity, always accommodates everyone and provides equal opportunity to sell for each of us.

You don’t need a college degree or a visionary mind, any kick-ass ideas/mentors or loads of large capital but you need to fire up your passion and learn few tricks of the trade. This is the moment in your life (and possibly in our human history) that you don’t want miss and expresses regrets later.

Keep hooked to this blog while I share my journey in this magical world.


What’s in for me?

This blog includes my journey in the Internet world. I have shared my experiences right from the Day 1 (with just ideas and ZERO income) and to this day – the tricks, frustrations and technical skills that I have learned. If these contents are of any help to you, I am happy for you.

I am eager to hear your success stories. Tell me what you like.