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Last updated: 30th January 2017

OneStackUP.com is an informational website and is actively engaged with visitors, commenters, guest authors (hereafter referred as partners), advertisers, and affiliate networks (hereafter referred to as merchants).

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OneStackUP.com or its members may have certain financial relationships with the merchants listed on the Transparency page. They may be financially paid if the consumers visit the merchant sponsored links on this site and generate sales for the said merchant. OneStackUP.com and members highly recommend that you do research before involving in any transactions with the partners or the merchants.


The content provided on this website are personal opinions and may not deem right for every circumstance or individual. Please make sure to do your own due diligence and consult trusted professionals before making any financial decisions of your own or sharing your personal information on partner or merchant websites.

OneStackUP.com or its members do not seek any personal, identifiable information from its readers. At your discretion, you had shared your Name and the Email address for the newsletters subscription and/or had authorized to send web notifications. OneStackUP.com or its members assure you that your personal identity information shall not be shared with any third party merchants. You are at your liberty to unsubscribe from the mailing lists and revoke permission to send web notifications.

OneStackUP.com or its members shall not be held responsible for any liability with regard to financial losses based on the use of the information provided on this website. The partners and the merchants on this website are solely responsible for their views and content – which do not necessarily represent that views of OneStackUP.com or its members.

Privacy Policy

OneStackUP.com and its members ensure their utmost concern for your privacy when you visit the website.

The following general information is recorded in the OneStackUP’s computers

  • Your IP address
  • Browser details
  • Referral pages
  • Visit timestamp

This information is not used by OneStackUP.com or it members to track individuals and used soley for software maintenance.

The partners and merchants may employ other means to track visitors so that they can record your preferences and customize their advertisements or services accordingly.

Here are some of the technologies that may be adopted by them

  • Cookies
  • Beacons (Pixel tracking)
  • Time-based Subscription IDs

Please refer to their respective privacy pages for more detailed usage information and steps to opt-out. OneStackUP.com and its members do not claim or accept any responsibility for any privacy concerns or violations on the partners’ and merchants’ websites.


Links to Merchants’ privacy page.

Google Privacy page

Amazon Privacy page

Please feel free to reach OneStackUp.com with your privacy concerns or report any malicious activity at the partner or merchant sites.