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Glad to have you here!

It’s always a pleasure for me to know a new person – who is interested in what I do. Also, it is an opportunity for me to learn and exchange my thoughts. Before I get to know you, I would like to share my story.

For 15+ long years, I had full-time job stints at few Multi-national corporates. The work hours extended beyond the eight-hour schedule on most days with very little personal satisfaction. It is a form of modern world drudgery. 

I am sure you too would have come across or endured such compulsions to earn money and make a career.

Luckily, I chanced upon few articles and realized that Internet provides many (legal) avenues to help liberate us from corporate world drudgery. For many, the extra income from these side-gigs help better their lifestyles and for others, (like me) it has helped quit the drudgery and realize a better purpose in life.

If you are interested to know more about me, head over to the About page.

There are many opportunities on the Internet to make money and create a sustainable business. Freelancing, consulting and similar opportunities require you to work with each of the remote clients. Some of us prefer such short engagements to earn money, however, I made my own rules to build an Internet business.

New Visitor

Rule #1: Make money while I sleep

I consider this as the golden rule for smart workers. Rather than providing my services to a client, I can invest more time in developing (informational) products and later automate the sales process so that they are in auto-pilot mode and do not need my intervention.

Essentially, my businesses can run 24×7 and with the Internet, cater to the worldwide audience.

Rule #2: Work for an audience NOT a single client

When you work for a corporate company or a client, you essentially work for a single employer. The chances of scaling up (i.e earning more money) is very limited.

I look at my customers as an audience group and build products that serve them. As the size of my clientele increase, I can readily sell the same product to them.

Scaling up –  is an important factor you need to consider when you start an Internet Business.

Rule #3: Fewer upfront investments

Starting a new business requires upfront capital investment. Given the risks and odds of a success, large investments may not possible for most of us.

Most Internet businesses require fewer investments to startup and only when you can sense profit, you can invest more resources to scale up operations.

Rule #4: Work Solo – No or less manpower

Working with a team can be advantageous and usually a liability especially when starting up a new business.

I prefer to work alone in learning the rules of business, building miniature solutions of my products and selling them to my audience.

However, I agree, when scaling up, it may not be humanly possible to handle all these tasks. The options in my mind are work with freelancers or to build a small team and delegate specific tasks to them.

Rule #5: Quick and less expensive to experiment

Entrepreneurship is all about learning and experimenting. You learn about a specific problem and experiment with a solution. It doesn’t help especially when you are first-timer.

I prefer to build a quick solution to a problem, experiment to understand the demand for the solution from potential customers. If the experiment fails, I wind up with least expenses.

The Internet offers a giant medium for such cost-effective experimentation and I believe, that’s reason for the sudden growth of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Rule #6: No or less legal requirements

Legal requirements of starting and conducting a business is mostly a hassle. Luckily, most governments around the world have no or lesser legal rules for legit Internet businesses. 

Rule #7: Flexible work hours

Running your own business can be very demanding. To succeed, you are expected to work at every odd hour of the day.  However, with few Internet businesses, you can set up automation of most of the tasks and you can choose to work when required.

Rule #8: No Travel for work

When my product is on the Internet and so are my customers, partners, vendors, accountants etc, the business is effectively online.

I work from the best comfort of my home or wherever I am stationed and tend to avoid any travel for work unless it is absolutely a must.

With this my rule, I find that the benefits much outweigh the drawbacks.

I tend to have strong opinions on what and how I do. These rules have worked well for me. You can adapt them according to your interests or have something different to your own. But certainly, this is our lives, we need to live by our own rules.

If the idea of me, the content on this site and the urge to earn money on the Internet interests you, you are welcome to join my journey. I can help you with all the information that you need, share my experiences and chalk out a strategy that works for you.

Once again, welcome to my site. I hope, as, with my life, you too will embark on a fresh and successful journey of Internet entrepreneurship.